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The Winning Mix by Claire Brumby @FoodGuideClaire #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

The Winning Mix – Launch & Grow Your Food Business Without Selling your Soul

by Claire Brumby

Can you share a bit about your back story with us.

I founded and grew a multi award winning healthier snacking brand in 2012 and went on to exit that in 2016.  An event in my life which took me to launch my food brand was a near death experience brought on by a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot in the lungs), through being ill it ignited a passion for food and healthy eating.

How and when did you know that you wanted to write a book?

I wanted to write a book because I knew (having worked with and spoken to so many SME Food Businesses) that the story of my journey would resonate and help so many others, and also the knowledge and expertise I had gained along the way would be so valuable to them too. In fact my book comes with a guarantee that it will save you time, money and sanity, it really will!  I made the decision to write my book last year, enlisted the help of Karen Williams of Librotas in November, started writing in January and published it this September, a 9-month whirlwind!

Tell us about your book.

Winning Mix Claire Brumby #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

My book is called The Winning Mix: Launch and grow your food business without selling your soul. I have broken down the process of launching a food business in to 8 steps, I cover all of these throughout the chapters.  Each chapter has 3 sections:

  • The story of what I did at each stage of launching and growing my brand 
  • One of the 8 step process I have developed
  • What would Claire do now?  This bit is where I share what I would do in the same situation now with the knowledge and expertise I now have

Throughout the book there are also:

  • ‘Claire’s Diamonds’ these are ‘digestible snippets’ designed to inspire, motivate, encourage and give added value to the reader to help them with situations I know they will be facing at a given stage of their journey
  • ‘Real Accounts’ these are testimonials/words from my clients whom I have worked with recently in their businesses.
  • Whilst my book is clearly aimed at food businesses, the lessons, processes, insights, diamonds etc. are transferable to any startup, and I believe will help them equally.
  • I was thrilled to reach #2 in the Amazon charts in 2 categories for the print edition when my book launched on the 6th Sept.

What were the hardest things you faced whilst you were writing it?

  • The hardest thing I faced whilst writing was by own impatience I think, I wanted to get there faster than I could. 
  • I think I was also trying to achieve perfection throughout, rather than just get on and write, I think in the very early stages I would keep re-reading/editing continually, which now I know the full process was a waste of time!
  • I also had to revisit some pockets of time which (at the time were very challenging) therefore were equally challenging to recall.
  • I was also training to swim the English Channel in a Relay Team at the same time as writing my book – I am pleased to say I successfully achieved this with my team in 15hrs 6mins on the 3rd June!

What were the best things you experienced during the process?

  • The sense of achievement, self-belief in that it’s a mammoth task writing all words required
  • Realising that I know more (without blowing my own trumpet!) than I thought I did.  When you need to pull from your brain what you know, it’s a nice feeling when you understand exactly what you do know
  • There was a sense of excitement throughout, which I think kept me going, excited for what it would look like, excited for who would read it, and how it would help them
  • The feeling of knowing I was writing the book I so desperately needed when I launched my brand, and knowing I am the person I also so desperately needed to meet back then was an amazing experience, because you feel that it’s for a reason other than just for your own business.

What’s next for you?

I have 2 missions:

  1. To help as many food start-ups as I can, through my 8 proven steps course which will be launching in the New Year
  2. To mentor and guide food businesses to growth through my mentoring packages which I currently have in place.   

I also think I have another book in me, maybe write that next year and publish 2020, who knows…as long as I continue to help as many businesses and their founders from enduring such a rollercoaster, and save them time, money and sanity I will be happy.

Can you share your top 3 #booktips.

1) If you want to do it, just get on with it, don’t procrastinate or wait – get a mentor and crack on!

2) I found daily/weekly word count to aim to write really helped me, it validated the process I was making

3) Nail the layout/plan from the off, it’s easy to get dragged off to other thought processes/direction of your book.  If you don’t have the plan and layout nailed from the off, I can imagine you’d never complete…maybe that’s why so many people do start and not finish?

How can people connect with you online and find out more about your book?

Claire Brumby is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and coach working with small businesses from start-up to established ones seeking growth.

She founded a multi-award winning healthier snacking brand, is the best-selling author of The Winning Mix, and a Channel Relay Swimmer, all in lives well out of any comfort zone!

She is also a proud mum to her three children, a judge for the Quality Food, Great Taste and Nourish Awards and writes and deliver seminars, workshops and masterclasses for clients including Nottingham Trent University and London Metropolitan University.  Claire has appeared on national TV and radio stations sharing her business insights.

Website –

Twitter –

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Amazon – The Winning Mix Book

Email – [email protected]

‘The Author’s Spotlight is run in conjunction with Librotas, supporting authors to write and publish their best business building book’.

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