Why I Moved My Email Lists To ConvertKit

For 4 years I happily used Aweber until I decided I needed an Email Service Provider (ESP) to fill the gap between my new membership site, my digital magazine app and my readers.

I’d heard many good things about Infusionsoft and did my own research and so at the end of December 2014 I was offered a package with Infusionsoft that looked to bridge that gap and it was time to move!

Now I have to say that moving a mailing list after a number of years is not an easy feat. It took a month of planning, file downloads and a steep learning curve, before I was finally able to switch off Aweber and start broadcasting to my lists from Infusionsoft.

I studied the system hard and connected up my membership site and paypal, but it became apparent after a few months that I was spending far too much time working on email campaigns. But at that stage my digital magazine business was still in it’s infancy and I did not have the budget to outsource all of my email marketing or the motivation to move systems again.

I  am lucky to have a local business friend who is using Infusionsoft. She recommended her Infusionsoft Certified Partner Kenda Macdonald aka Ninja extraordinaire. I signed up for her Friday webinars, which by the way are awesome and really helped me get a grip on what I could do with Infusionsoft. If you are using Infusionsoft and want to learn more or outsource some Ninja work, I’d highly recommend you get in touch with Kenda who will be sure to help you.

However after nearly a year with Infusionsoft I felt I wasn’t getting very far on my own and taking on a full time Ninja email assistant was not an option. I felt frustrated with my email marketing efforts and my campaigns weren’t gelling the way they should and it was then that I came across the new kid on the block, ConvertKit!

ConvertKit has been created for and by bloggers by Nathan Barry and came recommended to me by one of my digital publishing friends Tom Morkes from the Authority Super Summit. After more research I decided that the start of 2016 would mean another ESP move and so I once again backed up my email lists, spent a week streamlining them and re-tagging everyone and then made the smooth transition over to ConvertKit.

5 Fab ConvertKit Features I Love

1) Forms with Analytics let you track visitors and opt-in ratios for each form on my website. This makes testing and tweaking easy, especially as you can at the push of a button duplicate a form.

2) Simple Landing Pages and Website Pop Up Opt-in Boxes no need to use additional software or plugins.

3) Sequences create a series of timed emails and you can let the system do the rest while you sleep!

4) If you want to know who your customers are as well as send the right emails towards the correct individual time, the tagging and segmentation system can be easily added and is very effective.

5) Automations allow you to tag, segment and move subscribers from one sequence to the next and are very easy to use.

Using Convertkit for the last 3 months, has been like a breath of fresh air; Convertkit is everything Infusionsoft isn’t. Intuitive, visual, simple to use and yet it still lets you tag and build automations and email sequences within your email lists at an affordable cost per month. I’m currently paying just 49$ a month, which is a fraction of the cost of my old Infusionsoft contract.

However I must state that if I were able to budget for a full time email assistant like Kenda in the future, I would certainly consider using Infusionsoft again. It is undoubtedly the most fully adaptable CRM system, but right now my business does not need all the complicated bells and whistles and although lighter, ConvertKit still packs a punch and meets all my email marketing needs.