Tracey Tait Q&A Interview Your Stories #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

‘Your Stories’ Tracey Tait Q & A Interview @TranscendYou #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Tracey Tait Q and A Interview

Can you share your back story with us, a bit about your childhood?

I was so very shy as a child and was so quiet. If a teacher asked me a question in class I’d turn purple with embarrassment.

When I was 9 I was given the chance to learn a musical instrument, and the instrument was a cornet (like a small trumpet). You can imagine my Mum and Dad’s faces when I brought that home from school.

But I loved it and played for many years. The opportunity to learn was a great one but also a big challenge for me, especially when I was so shy. Not as if the instrument was quiet or one I could hide behind; it was definitely going to be heard.

Playing the cornet gave me so many great experiences and opportunities. It also taught me that we all have hidden talents that maybe we avoid acknowledging because if we did, it would mean putting ourselves out there wouldn’t it?

Were you a determined child or has that developed?

I was determined to do well at school. I loved learning and still do.

Can you share something about yourself that is not widely known?

Well, the cornet playing, lead me to play on the stage of The Royal Albert Hall in London and yes, people were there to watch and listen.

Whenever I see the ads on television for The Proms, I always have a wee smile to myself and think ‘I’ve played there.’

How and when did you know you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

At 19 I had an urge to work for myself but didn’t have a clue how to make it happen or what I could do, so I signed up for a small business course. Just to check it out really.

I guess that sowed the seed but it wasn’t until I was 27 that the urge to retrain and become a business owner really kicked in.

However, my mind-mischief was telling me lots and lots of reasons why I couldn’t so it was another 16 years before I finally did something about the passion that was always bubbling below the surface.

So when I work with clients now that are listening to their mind mischief I can really relate to what’s going on for them.

All those years of practice for me come into their own now when I work with clients.

Tell us about your business…

I’m a confidence coach, working with those that have left their day job and I show them how to get out of their own way and to have the confidence and self-belief that will change their business and their life.

I help them get past their fears and create their own unstoppable confidence and unshakeable self-belief.

What did you give up to get to where you are today? What did you have to sacrifice?

I gave up the guaranteed income and security from a steady office job but I’ve swapped that for a job I love doing and that matters so much more to me.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do?

Changing direction for TranscendYou after a year.
I could have stayed on the path as a business coach teaching marketing and all things business but what kept coming into my head was teaching confidence. It was as though I was being lead in that direction but I was resisting it.
Giving in to what I truly want to do has been the most fabulous breakthrough for me.

What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?

To continue to help business owners shine, believe they can do whatever they set their minds to do and to live a life that fulfils them.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Do you have any big Goals?

Still loving what I do every single day, and holding weekend retreats and events in the UK and other parts of the world.

At the moment, my son is at an age I want to be around for and at the minute, the business lets me have that.

Can you share 3 #BizTips for Women in Business

  1. You don’t have to listen to your chatterbox. Listen to that inner voice. The one that believes in you and wants you to thrive.
  2. You’re perfectly, beautifully and awesomely normal when you feel nervous doing something new. Everyone is, so take a deep breath and have faith.
  3. Ask for help. It’s allowed and all the best people in business are fab it. So why not you?

How can people best connect with you online?

You can find me here…

Twitter – @TranscendYou

Facebook –

Instagram – @Transcendyouwithtraceytait

Website –

You can read more from Tracey Tait – 6 Steps To More Confidence inside #BizRocks Magazine Issue 46 

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About Tracey Tait

Tracey Tait worked in marketing for global companies and a national charity before launching her own business TranscendYou.

Tracey offers those that have left the corporate world to work for themselves coaching tools and techniques that guide them to having more confidence and self-belief so they can experience more business success and a fulfilled life.

Tracey draws on her own experience of self-doubt and limiting beliefs plus her retraining as a coach and studying coaching, NLP and hypnosis.



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