Straight Talking Social Media #BizRocks #BizFix Blab for #WomeninBiz with Emma Burford & Lisa Nichols

Straight Talking Social Media #BizRocks #BizFix Blab for #WomeninBiz with @EmmaLBurford & @LisaNicholsUK

Straight Talking Social Media #BizRocks #BizFix Blab with Emma Burford and Lisa Nichols

On this weeks Blab I listened to Lisa Nichols of Straight Talk Social Media  talking straight of course about social media and how she has attracted her customers. Lisa shared lots of valuable tips with us about social media and how she uses her people skills to grow her local Social Media Business in Hertfordshire.

Instagram Moments

We touched on the news about Instagram now changing their algorithms to become more inline with Facebook, find out more about Instagram Moments.

17 day Diet Blog

If you are looking to get healthy like myself and Lisa and feels like Spring has arrived, you may like to check out #BizRocks Issue 32 with my digi app friend Torey Lynn on the cover. You can check out the 17 Day Diet Blog here.

Thud Boxes Direct

And you might also like to check out Lisa’s recommendation for Thud vegetable boxes direct too!

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Emma Burford and Lisa Nichols

About Emma Burford

Emma Burford is a supportive and dedicated business woman who loves to help women entrepreneurs promote their services via online networking and digital marketing on all social media platforms. Founder & Publisher of the digital magazine and the

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  1. So nice to hear, nice sensible women talking 🙂

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  14. I am in Seattle (Tacoma) Washington, and just got up. Thanks for the cheerful talk. I will follow you both. Kate Johansson



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