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My Passport To Success Began In A Coffee Shoppe @JoyceVentures #WomeninBiz

My Passport To Success Began In A Coffee Shoppe

The idea of my first business, was conceived in a coffee shop, incubated on the Social Media platform engines and personal. Since, I was going to make a major shift in my career and goals, I needed a new network of professionals. In September of 2005,“Business Interest Group NorthEast Wisconsin” (B.I.G.) was born. The meeting structure was modeled after the principles of the “mastermind alliance” which, not new, was made well known by Napoleon Hill in his classic book,“Think and Grow Rich.” He wrote about the mastermind principle as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”“B.I.G.” filled a need for people that worked days and wanted to meet with other business people about their new ventures. 

I love staying open to opportunity and enjoy being prepared for the unexpected. Because I had already developed Social Media business friends, I was able to develop my newly-formed online greeting card business and expand my network from my home to the world.

While visiting Baltimore, Md, USA., I entered the Baltimore the postal zip code 21201 and keywords of business and networking into the Meetup site. Ken Rochon’s name came up as an organizer. I called him and he asked me “Have you ever heard of the Master Mind”.

Well, as a matter of fact I had! It is our common core values and principles that attract people to each other. When we met, he showed me a brand new Social Media platform, he and his colleagues just launched named, “The Perfect Networker.”Its mission was to build a community of business professionals and designed to help connect you with others from all over the world!

The Perfect Networker gave me a place to grow my connections globally and nurture then into personal and professional relationships. Although the platform is gone, the relationships have continued to grow. Thanks, Perfect Networker family.

My online business flourished, my personal and professional world expanded to a global platform. By the high school graduation of my youngest son, Michael in 2010, I left my career in education. I was a full time entrepreneur.

Social Media was a virtual super highway that took me to new places, people and opportunities.  Along the way, my inner journey clarified my purpose – beyond wife, mother and employee. I discovered that my voice is to bring people together. To guide them in the awareness and practice of developing authentic personal and professional relationships, whose sum is more than the individual parts that results in joy and prosperity.

Know that your voice will take you on adventures that are beyond what you can imagine. On your journey you will meet others like Mother Theresa, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, and Florence Nightingale who knew their voice, and who were joined by multitudes on what first felt like an island. In addition, you will meet outstanding people first professionals like Kathy Ireland, Lisa Nichols, Liz Hoskins, Stephanie Frank, Sandra Yancey, and Marriann Williamson that will profoundly influence your life as they have mine.

From that day in the coffee shop, I knew I wanted to do something that would have a lasting impact on the world by guiding them to create authentic personal and professional relationships. Now, as Founder and Professional Relationship Officer at, I transformed my expertise in educational leadership, professional development, and systems analysis to bring you a customized system for initiating, nurturing, and sustaining authentic, mutually beneficial personal and professional relationships that result in personal joy and prosperity for you.

With an intense focus on your desired outcomes, my team of ‘People-First Professionals’ and I use a collaborative and customized method of learning and growing with each other to lead individuals and teams of entrepreneurs, executives, corporations, and organizations on a journey to discover their true foundation of purpose and passion in business.

My company,, builds on that foundation with an implementation plan of action on your specific outcomes, that results in the prosperity and joy you seek.
My deepest business belief is this:

If you aspire to have the success of businesses that are reaping benefits, you will want to create systems to build authentic relationships.

The basic foundation of authentic relationships are partnerships

Partners and Industries I currently work with are:

  • Real Estate,
  • Sales Coaching,
  • Business Coaching,
  • Public Speakers,
  • Sales Training,
  • Hospitality Industry,
  • Authors & Writers,
  • Mortgage Industry,
  • Travel Industry,
  • Financial Advisors and Banking Industry
  • Medical Industry,
  • Non Profit Organizations,
  • Health & Fitness Industry,
  • Philanthropist
  • Research tells us a top human need is to feel appreciated and valued; when we offer people what they need, the returns are immense enough to make you know you’ve discovered the secret of your ROAR!

    Have you discovered your secret?

    In closing, I want to share with you a childhood guiding principal that has formed my core beliefs and values. You have these too and they are your authentic self in its purest form.

    “Joycie, treat others as you would like to be treated. When you provide for the needs of others you will find true joy. You know we chose your name because, after having three boys, we thought you were the joy of our life.”
    Thanks, Dad!

    Passport To Success Joyce White Nelson #BizRocks #WomeninBiz Your Stories

    You can read more from Joyce White Nelson – Empowered Women of Social Media inside #BizRocks Magazine Issue 14

    About Joyce White Nelson

    Joyce White Nelson is an educational leader, on building professional relationships and networking, connector and contributing author to “Becoming The Perfect Networker: Succeeding One connection @ a Time.”  International Best Seller and Co-Author of “Global Women of Social Media: 25 Stories of Strength, Love and Triumph” As  Founder and P.R.O. (Professional Relationship Officer) of JoyceVentures. she and her team of “People-First” professionals invite you find out if they are a match for your desired outcomes. We guarantee to take you on a journey to find the secret to your R.O.A.R. (Return On Authentic Relationships) Contact Joyce for a personal in-depth success consultation and receive her Professional Relationship Building  Passport Guide.

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