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What matters most to the busy business woman? @MandieHolgate #WomeninBiz

It’s highly likely that if you are reading this right now you are a busy business woman running your own business. And having been a Business Woman’s Coach for many years I’d guess you want more sales, more success and less stress and maybe a bucket of time to yourself right?

The fact is running your own business is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do but also one of the hardest, fraught with obstacles, hindrances, and don’t get me started on the impact I see of lack of self confidence physically on your bottom line!

So how do you keep going when its tough? What matters most to the busy business woman?

Here is a squished down, hyper speedy version of my 6 week online course that business women are citing as a way to get focussed, gain sales and give you the kick up the butt to get on with what needs to happen to …..well you know the bit about get more sales, success and less stress right? So hold on to your hats ladies. Only read the following if you have any intent on taking action, otherwise you just wasted 10 precious minutes of your time. Wow!

  1. What currently works? That is always my first question. What are you doing that works and how could you do more of that?
  2. What do you honestly think about your capabilities? Do you reach for the stars but have little back bone to your marketing strategy? Do you think big but have little action planned other than a bit of networking and social media? Now be honest with yourself. Does your self belief and attitude to yourself add up to the reality? Do you need to have a good hard look in the mirror and say “Wow, hi you, you’re more awesome than I gave you credit for, let’s go for it!” I can not stress enough how heavily your opinion of yourself impacts on your success. Time and time again I’ve seen business women appear to suddenly achieve amazing things and all we did was spend 1 session working on their self belief.
  3. Does your business have clearly defined aims, ambitions, goals and beliefs? Could I ask anyone in your business including your clients and competitors and hear from them what you truly do? If you are not strong about what you stand for, what you deliver and why you even exist, how will you stand apart from the crowd?
  4. Be realistic about what can be achieved. In my new online 6 week course I talk about the 2 list’s to success. One is about your daily “Got to get done’s” and the other is the big one, the big goals you want to achieve for your business. Choose a goal and stick with it. Work at one thing. Okay so I go into a lot more detail on the course , but you need to focus on one thing clearly at the time otherwise you end up flitting here, there and everywhere, losing focus, undermining your time management and damaging your success rate. Now who needs that?
  5. Lastly think of every minute of your day as £1. If you had to sit in front of your accountant would you be able to say you had spent your time efficiently and wisely? In the best way for your business? 

I’ve a ton of ways to keep you motivated and focussed on what needs to happen for the success of your business, and I’m proud that I don’t take sacks of cash off my clients, just deliver real results. So if you want a chat here’s my number 07989 935556. Not feeling brave enough to pick up the phone? [email protected] If I told you this week I found out that one client has received an accolade from the Polish Embassy and she cites me as the oomph behind setting up her business, another is writing for national industry press, another is on QVC, another has increased her sales after seeing a big nose dive thanks to Amazon. You get the idea. Speak soon!

You can read more from Mandie Holgate – How you could Boost Sales doing what you already do! inside Issue 5 of the Business Rocks Magazine.

About Mandie Holgate

Mandie Holgate was one of the youngest body shop managers in the UK before becoming a business coach. She has sat on think tanks for the Dept of Trade & Industry and posed questions relating to women in business to the Home Secretary and The Women’s Minister. As well as being a Time To Change Ambassador she has raised thousands for charity and is regularly in the media on matters relating to women in business and mental health. When Mandie is not hosting mentoring groups, coaching women or motivating an audience, she’s enjoying family life on Mersea Island. Her 6 week online course for busy business women wanting more focus is already receiving rave reviews.

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