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Business Rocks #BizOffers Q3 2014Special #BizOffers Free Issue Q3 2014

Karen Skidmore – Are tech Tools Stifling your Business?
Mandie Holgate – Stop Moaning and Start Marketing
Wendy Tomlinson – Goal Setting Formula for Business Success
Helen Lindop – Why Social Media is Driving you insane (and what to do about it)
Kate Barrett – 10 Benefits of using email marketing for small businesses
Darla Kirchner – Dear Overwhelmed Creative Friend

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Karen Skidmore Free CDKaren Skidmore – Are Tech Tools Stifling Your Business?

Do you change your business to suit your tech tools? Or your tech tools to suit your business? At some point – no matter what business you run – you will start to realise you have to embrace technology. Gone are the days when payment was in cash or a cheque in the post or your database consisted of colour co-ordinated index cards. (How simple it seemed back then!)

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6-Week Course Mandie HolgateMandie Holgate – Stop Moaning and Start Marketing

Recently I’ve heard business owners moaning that “People just aren’t spending like they used to.” My response to this usually starts with “Really?” You see as a lover of holidays and good food I’ve not noticed empty restaurants or Facebook pages lacking in holiday snaps of far flung places. Airports aren’t empty and the shops seem pretty busy to me. So I would question is it the case that people aren’t spending or are they choosing where they spend? And if people are choosing where they spend, it’s your job as a business owner to ensure they “choose” to spend with you, and that folks starts with great marketing.

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Social Media Action Strategy Helen LindopHelen Lindop – Why Social Media is Driving you insane (and what to do about it) 

Social media marketing. It’s everywhere. It’s on every TV show and newspaper advert, most of the people who are addicted to their smartphones are actually on social media networks and all your friends say you should be using it because it’s just so hot at the moment. Plus it’s free marketing. What could possibly go wrong?

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Goal Setting Formula for Business SuccessWendy Tomlinson – Goal Setting Formula for Business Success

Start with your Ultimate Business Around the time that I started my coaching business I heard this from some law of attraction guru “Don’t do GOALS!” The idea was that we don’t need to set goals because the universe will provide all we need in its own time (or something like that).

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Kate Barrett The Email Marketing AcademyKate Barrett – 10 Benefits of using email marketing for small businesses

Small businesses can benefit enormously from email marketing but many are still not using it, or not using it to its full advantage. Here we explore 10 benefits of email marketing for small businesses.

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CBizSchool Productivity WorkbookDarla Kirchner – Dear Overwhelmed Creative Friend

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your #creativebiz? If so, I get it. I have been there and can feel overwhelmed often. If not. share your secrets! Below I share my story of feeling stuck and how I work through it. Dear Creative Friend, How are you? Really, how are you feeling?

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