Business Rocks Magazine Issue 8

Issue 8 with @VickieSic #DigitalMagazine #WomeninBiz

Business Rocks Magazine Issue 8

Business Rocks Magazine Issue 8

#BizRocks Cover story by Vickie Siculiano

Vickie Siculiano – The 6 Marketing Photos Your Business Needs

In a world without visuals, communicating ideas would mean being lost in a sea of text to describe them. Visual communication is crucial for engaging your audience, and building your arsenal of marketing photos is a very necessary element of having a successful business, particularly for online marketing and having an online presence. Never underestimate the power of a photo, as it is part of our human nature to be moved by images.

Liz Azyan – 10 Highly Effective Ways to Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

Are you overwhelmed by social media?

Do you have days where you feel you’re spending way too much time on social media than you know you should?

Kimberley Eldredge – 5 Tips to write about what’s happening in your industry

I know we’re all looking for ways to keep our blog content updated regularly. Regularly updated information keeps readers coming back, shows the world that you still exist, increases search engine visibility, and of course, can provide content for books later on.

Kate Barrett – Email Marketing holds the key to your Business Growth

Email Marketing return on investment (ROI) has reached new heights in 2014 at a massive 2,500% – thats over £24 ROI for every marketing pound spent on email.

Rachel Burgon – Does your business need an app?

Have you noticed that barely a day goes by lately without someone ‘banging on’ about the latest ‘app’? With smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices far outselling traditional computers it’s pretty clear that apps have become BIG news.

Darla Kirchner – 4 Ways for Creatives to be more Productive

I know you are creative and passionate about your work.  What perhaps started as a hobby has become a business.  Yay, but now what?

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