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#BizRocks Cover story by Teresa Pangan

Teresa Pangan – 3 Ways to Become a Happier Productive Entrepreneur

Today one of my clients shared that she was feeling like her world was closing in and she could not push herself out of the boxed in feeling.  She was experiencing the all too common entrepreneur’s “full plate syndrome.”  I could hear in her voice the feeling of despair and glum that was hovering over her.

Kate Barrett – 7 Tips to increase your email marketing engagement

So, you’ve got subscribers on your list, but the results aren’t what you’d like. Your engagement rates are declining and recipients are unsubscribing.

Wendy Tomlinson – Improve your business using the law of attraction

Can the law of attraction really improve your business? The answer is absolutely YES!
Well more to the point you can use its power to improve your business. The law of attraction works off what you put out. Like a giant magnet.

Antonia Chitty – Using your intuition, spiritual & emotional intelligence in business

Do you rely on facts to make your business decisions or do you follow your gut instinct?

Julia Sydnor – How to install and use the WordPress Editorial Calendar

For years I had the same goal every January: start blogging on a regular basis. I knew blogging was a good way to get more traffic to my website, but every year my blog ended up sad and neglected.

Jane Willmott – First Step to Success

The path to success is rarely straight forward you will come across many obstacles on your journey but one of the biggest and the first that you need to get over is the belief in yourself.

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