Three Reasons Why It's Worth Going To Spain To Get Your Book Written by Rebecca Adams #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Three Reasons Why It’s Worth Going To Spain To Get Your Book Written @writetorebecca #BookWriting #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Three Reasons Why It’s Worth Going To Spain To Get Your Book Written

“So, how’s your book coming along?”

Five ladies are travelling together in the taxi. The pleasantries about the flight and stories of airport adventures have been discussed. Now, the conversation turns to the nitty gritty. The real reason why they are together, winding their way through the mountains of Andalucia in southern Spain.

The Book.

Not just any old book. The books they are writing.

Why go on a retreat to write your book?

The group is on its way to a tiny village in Spain where they will spend five days on a writing retreat. There, they will focus on moving forward with their business book.

So, why would you take yourself off to Spain to spend five days in the mountains with a group of people you barely know?

Three reasons why it’s a brilliant idea

Here are three reasons why I think going to Spain to write your book is a great idea.

1. The support

Many of the people we work with are writing about their own journey. Published business authors often comment that their book helped them gain clarity about their business and how they support others. This clarity can also bring up a lot of emotional aspects that authors thought they had dealt with or had forgotten about.

Being with a group with coaches, mentors and other participants on a similar journey provides a safe environment for that emotional outlet. Coaching takes place with the coach and mentor but also within the group. As we walk in the morning or join together for dinner in the evening each person gravitates towards another, ready to listen or share bits of their story. Someone may ask you an unexpected question causing you to think deeply. They might see something you have told them in a completely different light, giving you more material for you book. They might share a suggestion that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Being on a retreat is about much more than writing your book. It’s an opportunity for growth and personal development. It’s a five-day journey that can last a life time.

2. Your book comes first

“The only thing I had to worry about today was brushing my teeth”.

Wendy, one of our participants made this comment on day three of a retreat.

A busy mum of two with a dog that needs walking and a business to run, Wendy spends a lot of her daily life looking after others, meaning her book often comes last.

Whilst on the retreat, Wendy got to focus on both her book and herself.

From the minute she got to the airport and met the driver, she was looked after. Everything was provided for her and she was able to relax knowing that everything was under control.

Having this freedom means you can get on with writing. There is nothing else to worry about. You can relax whenever you like without feeling guilty. On retreat, a trip to the local shop becomes an adventure to explore the products, rather than a chore to get something for dinner.

3. The energy

“This place is magic”.

When Martine said this within less than an hour of arriving, I know that she has already connected to the energy. There is something special about being surrounded by mountains. It was this feeling that attracted me the first time I visited this mountain range. It drew me in and I knew I wanted to live here. Every time I came for the weekend I felt it. It was hard to drag myself away on Sunday evening to go back to work. I often resorted to leaving early on Monday morning. When I eventually moved there to live for a year, the feeling never left me.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of creativity that the energy radiates. Writers and artists come to the village for inspiration. Most years on retreat we coincide with the annual open-air painting competition, an event that attracts people from around the province. Adults and children take part in different categories. The artists set up early in the morning and paint during the day in the plaza. There’s an air of festivity as the locals come out to watch what’s going on. Everyone is rewarded with a dish of migas (a local dish made with breadcrumbs) at midday. The judges choose their favourite painting and some even get to sell their work.

The downsides of being on a retreat

Of course, going on a retreat does have its downsides. The main one being that, like all good things it comes to an end. It’s time to go home and return to normal life. But, now you’ve made the investment, you commit yourself to writing the book. The struggle with publishing begins. You go back to worrying about the food shop. However, this time it’s different. You carry something special inside of you. The experience. The memories. The learning and the new friendships. And, of course, there’s always next year and book number two, or three or four ……

If you’d like to know more

If you’d like to find out more about our retreats or join us in September, check out our website

by Rebecca Adams, Travel Write Change

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About Rebecca Adams

Originally from Bristol, Rebecca lived and worked in Spain for 18 years. She started on the east coast, moved to the north and ended up in the south west province of Cadiz, Andalusia. She has also travelled in Europe, India and Morocco. Rebecca combines her skills as a teacher, coach and facilitator to teach wellbeing and languages and write non-fiction as well as organising retreats in Spain. She loves reading, exploring new topics and sharing stories about people and places on her blog. She enjoys learning, good food and travel, all of which she loves to combine in her writing.

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