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Hello Ladies,

I hope you are having a good November, and wondered if you might help me out with a quick vote? I have reached the final voting stage in the National UK Blog Awards in 2 categories, Lifestyle and Events.

Would you mind sparing a minute to cast a vote for me in both categories on these links? The blog is about a historic event for local people and the UK as we search for better ways of providing cheaper renewable energy to our homes and businesses. Here is a précis of it:

Didcot Power Station demolished after 40 years. This is how it felt to be among 20,000 people watching their landscape and their future change for ever. There was tension, emotion and drama. Moments like this change history, they change the way things used to be done and force us to find new ways of providing renewable energy. Now an even more vital task; for ordinary people, for business, and for the world at large…” 

This link is a vote in the EVENTS category:

This link is a vote in the LIFESTYLE category. Please vote in both for me!:

National UK Blog Awards

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