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What Is The Facebook F8 Event?

This week’s blab is short but sweet. I shared the latest news from the Facebook F8 Event. If you haven’t heard of the F8 Conference, it’s a yearly Facebook developers event that is live streamed to the world!

You can catch up on the video replays for the Facebook F8 Event sign up here.

In the keynote speech Mark Zuckerberg shared his 10 year long term plan and also mentioned that Facebook now achieves 62% of all app logins and 80% for all mobile app logins.

My Top 3 Public Features

  • Messenger integration now offering all users a snap code feature that will allow people to connect directly via messenger and uses similar features you may have seen on Snapchat! The Verge shared a recent article about the scannable profile codes which you may like to read.
  • Instant Articles everyone can now request access and get their content shared onto the Facebook platform faster via Instant Articles. I first mentioned this on my blab a few weeks ago, where I shared Mari Smith’s comprehensive roundup find out more
  • Save Button you can now add a little snippet of code to your website which adds a super duper save button feature. This button allows readers to bookmark your articles and add them to their Facebook Saved List. I use this feature daily on Facebook, so to be able to save website articles in the same way will be really useful. I currently use Pocket to save website articles but can see how this could be easily swapped out, allowing me to share the articles I find online to my facebook audience!

Like this article? Why not use my ‘New’ Facebook Save Feature and add/share it via Facebook with your friends.

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Emma Burford

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Emma Burford is a supportive, dedicated business woman who loves to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, promote their services socially via online networking and digital marketing. Founder & Publisher of the digital magazine www.BusinessRocks.co and the www.MumsBusinessDirectory.com

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