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‘Your Stories’ Elaine Lindsay Q & A Interview @TROOLSocial #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Elaine Lindsay Q and A Interview


Can you share your back story with us, a bit about your childhood?

I still think of myself as Scottish, though I arrived in Canada on a boat when I was 2. I definitely have the thrifty, practical Scottish attitude. I believe in value.

Were you a determined child or has that developed?

As a child I was a trial because of my stubborn determination. I think that business owners require this determination so I’m blessed that it’s innate for me. I have always had a compelling thirst for knowledge, and that has benefited me greatly in keeping up with the dynamic online environment.

Can you share something about yourself that is not widely known?

I’m bionic. I have multiple artificial parts because of a ridiculous number of terrible accidents. Overcoming the challenges of disability has made me results-driven. I don’t like to waste time or effort because for many years I didn’t have the energy to waste anything. In that time, learning was part of my pain-control regimen. Now, achieving goals and learning more gives me satisfaction and fulfilment.

How and when did you know you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

I don’t think it was a decision, it simply was. I’m driven, and that affects how I work.

Tell us about your business

Multiple injuries and disabilities taught me how to adapt. People don’t like change – well, I didn’t have a choice. I had to learn to walk, to function, and to thrive while everything – from my body to my capabilities – kept changing. I understand how hard it is to adapt, especially when business owners are busy with their business and the internet is a moving target. Did you know that people shop on mobile devices every day? That’s crazy! People are choosing cars with their phones – who would have predicted that? How can businesses keep up when consumer behavior is changing so fast?

I have made it my business to define the most effective interaction with the moving target of the internet, so that businesses know where to put their investment and their effort to get the best return. Companies can waste a lot of time and money trying to keep up, so they need to know how to integrate their online presence so that customers can find them and buy from them.

What did you give up to get to where you are today? What did you have to sacrifice?

I gave up on easy. Maybe it was because my recovery was not easy, and I do like a challenge. It’s my job to make it easy for my clients, and that means I have to keep on top of the changes and analyze the impact – that’s the fun part. The challenge is in helping the business owners understand why change is necessary to keep their companies, products and services visible to customers. If prospects can’t see you, they can’t buy from you.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do?

I am an animal lover. Over the years I have had to deal with losing fur kids. I grieve.

What are your goals for 2017 and beyond?

It’s time to write a book. I have a lot to share about success and the power of positivity. I made myself some promises during tough times. I like to inspire people to overcome their adversities and achieve more than they thought possible. I love to help people achieve more, and that means speaking and working to show them how to be visible online and successful beyond their dreams.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Do you have any big Goals?

I’m an influencer. Over time my influence expands. In five years I’ll have a much broader influence. Maybe then it will be easier to show people how to achieve great goals, and I can have that ‘easy’ that I gave up.

Can you share 3 #BizTips for Women in Business

1. Influence affects decisions. If you want to affect people’s choices you have to learn how to influence them. It’s not about what you offer, it’s about what they want. In your market, define what your ideal client wants.

2. If they can’t find you, you’re irrelevant. You can be the smartest, the best, the most – and if you’re lost in the depths of the search results, they’ll never know what you offer, and they won’t have the opportunity to benefit. What do you need to be found so you are relevant?

3. Invest in YOU. Everything you do to support you will pay off. Find what does it for you, whether it’s meditation or dance or painting – figure out what fills your gas tank and use it. You’ll reach your goals faster than if you try to drive yourself without gassing up.

How can people best connect with you online? twitter, website, youtube?

Find me on Google Plus or connect with me personally on Facebook.

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About Elaine Lindsay

Elaine is an early adopter, with a background in web development and SEO., In 2007 at age 52 she joined facebook to stalk her adult children. Elaine quickly saw the opportunities in social media, for her clients. A life-long learner, Elaine graduated in 2011 with a certificate in Relationship Marketing, and now shares her expertise through presentations, workshops, webinars, and online video courses across the globe. Elaine is a passionate speaker, teacher, and strategic advisor for all things Search and Social Media. Elaine offers optimization and Integration training for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Video, Google My Business and more.

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