Ed Dale Challenge 2016 #BizRocks #BizFix Blab with Emma Burford #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Ed Dale Challenge 2016 #BizRocks #BizFix Blab for #WomeninBiz with @EmmaLBurford

Ed Dale Challenge 2016 #BizRocks #BizFix Blab with Emma Burford

Since 2008 I’ve been following my digital mentors Ed Dale Challenge and he’s really helped me learn firstly how to build a website, to now having built 2 digital apps. This years Ed Dale Challenge 2016 starts in under 2 weeks on the 03rd April. I highly recommend you head over and sign up for this exceptional FREE Ed Dale Challenge 2016 and get ready to learn from the best digital mentor and his team online today.

Authority Super Summit

Yesterday the Authority Super Summit kicked off and I started to avidly watch and help break the Guinness World Record. I also joined Tom Morkes and Josh Denning’s Insiders Club which is a paid up sell. There have been some amazing guest speakers so far with another day to go, if you haven’t checked it out for Free while it’s live, I highly recommend you do!

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Emma Burford

About Emma Burford

Emma Burford is a supportive and dedicated business woman who loves to help women entrepreneurs promote their services via online networking and digital marketing on all social media platforms. Founder & Publisher of the digital magazine www.BusinessRocks.co and the www.MumsBusinessDirectory.com

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  1. Hi Emma I tend to work in chunks on specific tasks 🙂

  2. Hi Emma, feeling poorly AGAIN so feeling sorry for myself. I set myself a few tasks to complete each week. Work around little one going to preschool mon to weds.

  3. i watched some of that this morning emma

  4. ill be honest I do get distracted easily but I

  5. have been more focused recently

  6. yeah i watched the guy you recoomended cant remember his name

  7. Definetly I agree Emma, just take one day at a time

  8. Hi Sian hope u feel better soon pop me a message later and ill see if I can make any suggestions to help you xx

  9. hmm lol ot sure if im that brave lol

  10. ive got a wee bit work to do lol

  11. have the inlaws arriving tomorrow, meeting one of my May couples on Saturday

  12. but have a friend staying so prob not as much as id like to

  13. it was picked before i realised it was easter

  14. can i ask a question emma

  15. yip if the system is right

  16. my google calender and my wunderlist are a god send

  17. @AmethystWedding I know the feeling

  18. for each of my couples i have a list

  19. a to do list and a want to do list

  20. thanks so much have a great weekend



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