Create iPhone Mind Maps #BizRocks #BizFix Blab for #WomeninBiz with @EmmaLBurford

Create iPhone Mind Maps

As I will be taking part in a strategy workshop for 2 days next week, I wanted to create iPhone mind maps that I could easily share. I usually use xMind on my iMac but couldn’t find an iPhone app, so I asked my digital magazine friend Faizel of Using Mind Maps for a recommendation. He suggested I try iThoughts for iPhone so I’ll be checking this one out!

Reading Personal Kanban

My digital mentor Ed Dale who I’ll be meeting at the workshop he’s leading next week recommends we read the book Personal Kanban. I am currently reading it on my kindle and it’s a very informative read, it’s about choosing the right work at the right time. Recognizing why we do the things we do and understanding the impact of our actions.

Facebook Livestreaming in the #BizRocks Tribe

Facebook live streaming is becoming all the rage and so I was keen to stream my #BizFix weekly Blab via Facebook Live to my Tribe members inside the Business Rocks Academy Facebook group. I found I was only able to go live via the main Facebook app, currently the Facebook Groups app does not have the option to stream live but I am sure this will be updated soon.

I set up my iPhone and attached it to my iMac using a Wangscanis flexible long arm iPhone holder and also connected my Audio-Technica ATR3350 Microphone to my iPhone for better sound quality.

I think it worked pretty well both for video image and audio, especially as I realised afterwards that I hadn’t switched my iPhone to wifi so it was streaming via my data signal!

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Emma Burford

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Emma Burford is a supportive, dedicated business woman who loves to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, promote their services socially via online networking and digital marketing. Founder & Publisher of the digital magazine and the

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