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Have You Looked At The Coloring Book Craze For Adults ? @mybellabenjamin #coloringbook

#BizRocks Bella Benjamin Adults Coloring Book

Have you looked at the coloring book craze for adults? And wondered why grown adults with responsibilities and commitments are spending hours with such books and colored pencils? Do you wonder what these people know that you don’t? Or have you surmised that the world has simply gone mad? Certainly, we are living in crazy times but not because of an …

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The Power Of Running Writing Retreats via Karen Williams @SelfDiscovery #BizRocks

Running Writing Retreats #BizRocks #WomeninBiz #WomenEntrepreneurs

For me personally, what I love about running writing retreats is giving people the time and space to get away from it all, where there are few distractions that get in the way of what they actually need and want to do, in this case writing a book.

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Self Publishing Summit 2015

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