Business Rocks Magazine Issue 57

#BizRocks Cover story by Jennifer Corcoran

Jennifer Corcoran – How To Become A Social Media Influencer

Social Media is where it’s at. We all know that. It’s where news breaks, trends emerge and presidential figures flex their political muscle. Once a handy tool for connecting with friends and colleagues, social media has evolved from being merely a communication tool. With increasing amounts of information being fed through social media, it’s where information and communication converge.

Within this shifting landscape, the tides of influence are changing. Anyone can publish, and without the constraints of PR guidance and brand guidelines, the digital-savvy public are rising above the waters of social media, creating a new voice; The Influencer.

Louise Myers – 4 Pinterest Image Essentials To Make The Best Pins!

Want to know what makes a good Pinterest image?

Would you like to make the best Pins to drive leads to your website?

Eye-catching Pins are essential if you want to attract your target audience to your blog as well as online store on Pinterest.

Jan Cavelle – Understand The Buyer

The biggest mistake that people make when starting out in business is to rely on their own belief in their product or service. Bar giving you confidence, it makes absolutely no difference how amazing you think what you do is. It is what potential buyers think – or more importantly feel – that is going to make you fail or succeed.

Ces Rosanna Price – What Does Your Tag Line Really Say About You?

As a soulful graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping my clients with brand names and tag lines as well as creating their logo and brand theme. Often my clients struggle with choosing a Tag Line or Slogan that helps them stand out and evoke connection with their audience, so in a live design session over screen share, we write a heart storm of words that are relevant to their business and how they want their customers to feel. From this we create a winning Tag Line.

Ginny Carter – The Real Reason Your Business Book Is On Hold

As a business book ghostwriter and book coach, I talk to a lot of experts and entrepreneurs who’ve got a book in them, but aren’t sure how to make it a reality. What they all have in common is a knowledge they need help to create a great book, and but they don’t know what that help should consist of.

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