Business Rocks Magazine Issue 36

#BizRocks Cover story by Harriette Hale

Harriette Hale – How And where to Easily Make Several Different Types Of Income. Ever other successful billionaire has had at least seven sources of income, according to Warren Buffet. Putting all of your eggs in on1 basket is always a bad idea, and we all know it. It’s not necessary to be a sticky yolky mess!

Stacey Myers – What Is An Offer Funnel?

Basically an offer funnel is all of your offerings. It includes what you offer for free and what people pay for. It is also referred to as a sales funnel.

Nicola Semple – Facebook Live What You Need To Know

Facebook Live is now rolling out to ALL business pages. This is incredible news for small business owners.

Wendy Tomlinson – Business Goals Are A Waste Of Time Without An Action Plan

Setting goals and writing them down are important, and without a clear plan of action, your goals seem to be likely to stay unfulfilled. Having a clear plan of action is essential to achieving your goals on a regular basis. So, let’s begin with the basics: setting goals.

Emma Burford – Why I moved My Email Lists To ConvertKit

For 4 years I happily used Aweber until I decided I needed an Email Service Provider ESP to fill the gap between my new membership site, my digital magazine app and my readers.