New Facebook Services Tab #BizRocks #BizFix Blab with Emma Burford and Wendy Tomlinson #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

New Facebook Services Tab #BizRocks #BizFix #Blab with @EmmaLburford & @SunshineCoach

New Facebook Services Tab #BizRocks #BizFix Blab

On this weeks Blab I talked about the New Facebook Services Tab check out this quick post from Liz Azyan and her fab How to Gif. Due to a tech issue, you will find this weeks blab in 2 parts below :-).

Authority Super Summit

Later this month on the 22nd March the first Authority Super Summit will take place and it’s planned to be a World Record Breaking Event! The summit will be streamed over consecutive days and can be watched for free during the live period. Find out more about the Authority Super Summit and make sure you sign up for free access.

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Business Goals

Wendy Tomlinson shared her Business Goals Action Plan post and we talked about setting relevant and achievable goals for our businesses.

Here are the Blab replays Part 1 and Part 2 of the live broadcast with Emma Burford and Wendy Tomlinson.

Blab Part 1

About Emma Burford

Emma Burford is a supportive, dedicated business woman who loves to help entrepreneurs and small business owners, promote their services socially via online networking and digital marketing. Founder & Publisher of the digital magazine and the

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