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In the Blab we covered 7 Facebook Trends by Mari Smith

Here are my notes from Mari Smith’s Live #fb2016trends 7 Facebook Trends call, if you missed it you can click the link below and catch the replay.

7 Facebook trends #fb2016trends Replay Mari Smith

1) Video – native videos getting most reach. Recommend a time/budget to create video. 8 billion videos views 2015 from 1 billion in 2013!

Autoplay videos that eat up your data LOL Create content that catches people eyes…

Add a profile video if you have the feature I do but have not created one yet!

2) Facebook Live – You don’t need to be verified now and it’s being rolled out to all users over time. 10% iPhone users in the US now. Recommend you ask people to Subscribe to your videos. Make sure you edit your video! Add a category and a CTA with URL and best thumbnail or custom image.

3) Improved Facebook Search it’s coming to profiles and pages! Underneath profile pic new search box! Search for posts on that page…making pages more like blog platforms and improved notes! Improved notes look like Medium it’s quite beautiful, like a blog. Perhaps repost your blog posts on notes. Think about how you post and use #hashtags.

Launch of search FYI

Plus new directories! For local business…

4) F-Commerce & M-Commerce – Increased Mobile – Facebook could well become entirely mobile. Q3 78% FB ad revenue from Mobile 47% of users never used FB on desktop same period in 2014 34%

5) More Content Publishing on Facebook – Instant Articles pull up the Instant Articles page on your mobile! Lightening bolt on image link top right hand corner. Loads 10x faster than normal. Keeps users on site. Shopify can be integrated with Facebook for a buy button.

6) Facebook Groups – now nearly reached 1 billion users. Q3 Mark Zuckerberg said Groups are one of the least talked about features on Facebook. High decline on comments on your blogs but huge increase in our Facebook groups.

For Sale Groups – will increase as they are relatively new for buying and selling.

7) Messenger for Business – New feature integration with commerce and websites. You can request to be notified as to when the messenger will be available for your website. It will be like messenger notifications compared to a text message. The other folder has disappeared and people not just your friends can send you messages and you decide whether you have seen it. M is like a personal assistant like Siri.

New tools for pages, you can now set your own response time under settings > messages and you can add when you are away under messages. It’s becoming a whole CRM system. New activity tab coming so you can better manage your comments. And coming soon you can private message your comment makers privately!

Instagram Ads are now integrated too 🙂

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