Business Rocks Magazine Issue 59 with Carla Wynn Hall #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz and #FemaleEntrepreneurs

#BizRocks Issue 59 with Carla Wynn Hall @CarlaWynnHall #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Business Rocks Magazine Issue 59

#BizRocks Cover story by Carla Wynn Hall

Carla Wynn Hall – How I Became Mrs. Claus

A Journey Back to Happiness and Wonder

When asked to write this article to be published so very close to Christmas, I immediately knew what to write about: Becoming Mrs. Claus, through a magical journey of forgiveness and self-acceptance. However, you celebrate your life, this story is meant for you. Once upon a time.

Yvette Pearson – 10 Things You May Regret In 10 Years

1. Being paranoid about your looks

I was recently flipping through some old photos of when I went to a party about 10 years ago. I remember going to this party feeling very unattractive and rather plain. Everyone else seemed to look really lovely with perfect makeup and styled hair. I thought I had horrible skin and bags under my eyes.

Ces Rosanna Price – Top 10 Must Have Graphics For Your Online Presence

As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time helping people create a high vibe influential online presence for their business.Here is my list of the top 10 must have graphics for raising your visibility, brand awareness and influencing perceived value when attracting new customers!

Sue Williams – Why Journaling Can Be Good For Your Business… And Your Life!

Many business women will relate to the feeling that their brain is constantly overwhelmed by a maelstrom of conflicting thoughts. Whilst some of these will be positive, such as inspirational ideas about a new marketing campaign or an exciting new product or service, it is likely that the majority will be negative. Mundane to-do lists, worries, self-critical thinking and self-recriminations will vie for headspace, making it hard to gain clarity and focus. One thing is for sure, as long as these thoughts are just whizzing around in your head, they will only add to your feelings of overwhelm and stop you from moving forward effectively!

Alison Jones – Business Books For Your Christmas Wishlist

If you’re in the process of writing your Christmas wish list, don’t forget to add some books! It’s a great time of year to relax with a good read and focus on your business goals for the new year.

Business Rocks Magazine Issue 59 with Carla Wynn Hall #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz and #FemaleEntrepreneurs

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