Business Rocks Magazine Issue 41 with Alison Rothwell #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz and #FemaleEntrepreneurs

#BizRocks Issue 41 with Alison Rothwell @AlisonRothwell #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Business Rocks Magazine Issue 41

#BizRocks Cover story by Alison Rothwell

Alison Rothwell – The Two Pages On Your Website You Can’t Ignore – And How They Can Make You More Sales

Your website is the most important marketing platform you own, but all too often I see entrepreneurs not making the most of their website and failing to use it to build trust and to help market themselves to a bigger audience.
In my opinion, two of the most important, but often overlooked webpages are the “About Us” page and your “Contact” page.

Louise Myers – Why You Need To STOP Pilfering Pinterest Pictures

Don’t you love perusing Pinterest pictures?
So many beautiful images, so easy to search.
And all that lovely content, just waiting for you to “borrow” for your own purposes: blog, social media, etc.
Uh, NO!

Jo Strom – Branding Yourself Differently And Productivity Starting From Scratch

To Do Tasks

  • Where do you spend most of your time?
  • What recipe do you use the most to get the most out of each day?
  • How often do you pick up your most used electronic device?

Jessica Lorimer – Top 5 Things The Pros Don’t Tell You About Creating Simple Sales Funnels

That Leave You Broke, Frustrated And Lacking ‘Dings’ In Your Paypal Account!

Simple sales funnels. The elusive pot of gold that every entrepreneur seeks but that only a few actually find. Let’s face it, there are so many different resources when it comes to creating sales funnels, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed… and then you end up creating a sales funnel that looks more complicated than the relationship statuses of the Kardashian family!

Lilach Bullock – 6 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Your Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with 500 million monthly active users and as many as 300 million daily active users, and the numbers just keep on growing year by year.

Business Rocks Magazine Issue 41 with Alison Rothwell #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz and #FemaleEntrepreneurs

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