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Awaken Your Intuitive Vision – Unlocking possibilities you never knew existed

by Mary Nondé

Can you share a bit about your back story with us.

I’m a Devonshire lass, born and raised by the sea.  I ventured northwards to study Anthropology at Durham University before taking my first job in Mail Order Book Clubs.  Immersed in the world of publishing, copywriting and selling books, it’s curious that some 35 years later I have written my own.  

After that first job I turned self-employed and have been ever since.  I moved to Greater London and from the floor of our rental, my partner and I launched a marketing consultancy using old-fashioned letters.  Within eight years we had a very successful business with Fortune 500 clients.  I worked 5 ½ day weeks, 10-hour days as the norm and enjoyed a deluxe lifestyle.  But something was missing.  So I sold my share, sea-changed into Feng Shui, had a baby and conducted my earliest consultations with my daughter in a sling.

When Celine was seven I went back to University to study for an MA in Somatic Arts Psychotherapy, which is the intellectual foundation for Awaken Your Intuitive Vision.  By then I was a single-parent with sole financial responsibility too.  Towards the end of my studies I designed the creative process I’m still using today – the Intuitive Vision Board.  During the past 10 years I have taken over 1200 people through it.  

Three years later I was tested big-time when I fell into a deep hole I could never see coming and lost almost everything I had all at once – partner, home, career, belongings, savings, pensions and credit.  It was a nightmare.  Thankfully I held onto my daughter and the dog and together we had to start all over again by which time I was 56!   

If crises hadn’t struck however, I’d never have realised how potent the tool I’d created was since the Intuitive Vision Board became my lifeline and game-changer.  If it could rescue me from a quagmire, no doubt at all it could help people who’d reached a difficult crossroads and were undecided what to do next.  And so I was inspired all the more to run my workshops and to write about them.

How and when did you know that you wanted to write a book?

It had not been on my radar at all, ever.  Then one morning I awoke to this quiet suggestion I’ve come to recognise as intuitive guidance:  “Mary, time to write a book.”  About what, it wasn’t absolutely clear except it would be about my work.  The next day I received a link to an online webinar about writing a business-building book from a friend who didn’t even know I’d received the nudge to write one.  Neither of us had heard of Librotas publishing in Portsmouth but by then I knew my name was down to become an author.  

Tell us about your book.

Awaken by Mary Nondé

Awaken the book describes how you can use the Intuitive Vision Board to reach deep within for guidance and inspiration as to how to follow your heart’s lead in living your one wild and wonderful life.  I entwine tales from my clients with those of my own to demonstrate how new direction, clarity and purpose can be found in the most astonishing ways.  It includes the psychology and philosophy behind the process.  And it describes how to create an Intuitive Vision Board from scratch along with the guidance as to how to read the signs, symbols and metaphors it contains.    

What were the hardest things you faced whilst you were writing it?

From start to finish (the published book) took three years.  One whole year of that I was not in a position to write at all because I had to move house three times!  My inner self-critic was running a riot telling me I was making excuses and I needed discipline – however I  couldn’t write.  But here’s the curious thing.  When I was able to pick up the threads again, the quality of my writing had improved and the content of the book evolved without me planning for it to be so – I think in part because of what I had to deal with during that ‘year off’.

The final three months were the most gruelling.  I had to return to full-time employment to keep us afloat financially while taking 3-day weekends at the end of a long week to write.  The sun was shining, friends were out partying and I was goggle-eyed at my PC.  

What were the best things you experienced during the process?

I remember the all-day planning session with Karen Williams, my book mentor, in a hip hotel in London.   We laid out the chapters and what they would contain and it just seemed to require me to write it up. Then I discovered that my writing method, for this book at least, was intuitive and creative too.   Surprise, surprise my writing didn’t come out in a straight line.  Ideas came to me haphazardly, good ones too and yet they appeared to have no obvious place in the masterplan.  I’d get the urge to write and words would pour out of me in 2,500 word spurts.  But what to do with them next.  Even so it was a revelation to me that I knew what I knew in such depth – and that I could tell it well too.  And a bit frustrating for my book mentor, who was still waiting for me to deliver Chapter 1, followed by Chapter 2, etc etc.  I found the writing process endlessly fascinating and the task of stitching it altogether into a coherent whole was a rewarding creative endeavour.

What’s next for you?

I have already assumed my new role as self-publicist for the book and attempting to master social media,  from a cold start.  There was no way I could sensibly turn my attention to what was needed for marketing while still creating the book.  It required a different mindset.  I sent the book to print while sitting at Gatwick airport waiting for a flight to Cuba.  During the 17-day colourful break over Christmas I switched my mobile off and parked the book project entirely so I was able to assume my afresh in the New Year.  

I also see myself taking this creative process into businesses and organisations who are desperately in need of creativity and engagement in a more collaborative environment.  Certainly this process can tick all those boxes and I’ve already had experience of working in this way.

Can you share your top 3 #booktips.

These tips will probably appeal to a right-brain person and leave a left-brain person jittery.

1) Follow your heart.  Relax into it, whatever needs to be said say it, and get the first draft of words down.  Don’t over think it or get stuck analysing why.  Its purpose will emerge as you continue to write and somewhere down the line it will all become clear.  Trust is needed in the interim.

2) Write when the urge is with you, no matter how inconvenient or what time of the day or night it is.  Just get it down while the ‘muse’ is awake and on your side. 

3) By all means start with a plan, with some idea of the end in mind but don’t hold too fast to it to the exclusion of all else.  Otherwise you may screen out something special. Or fail to include a section that is pure genius and can make the whole come alive in a way you could never have foreseen.

How can people connect with you online and find out more about your book?

Mary is a Creativity Coach, Feng Shui Consultant and the author of Awaken Your Intuitive Vision.  A mother of one, she likes nothing better than to curl up with a good book, travel the world, dance West Coast Swing, and immerse herself in culture.  Mary keeps fit with yoga, pilates and walking in nature.  She abhors cruelty, is a lover of animals and that’s why she doesn’t eat them.

Awaken Your Intuitive Vision is on Amazon.  It’s also available from any book shop in the UK and online global bookshops. 

I run Intuitive Vision Board workshops regularly in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire.    Details are available on my website.

Website –

Get in touch – [email protected]

Facebook – @intuitivevisionboard

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Twitter – @MaryNonde

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About Karen Williams

Karen Williams is the Book Mentor at Librotas. She and her team work with business experts who have a story to tell or a message to share. They take their clients from idea to publication and marketing, ensuring that they write a book that helps them to attract more clients, build their credibility and grow their business.    Karen is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Simple, The Mouse That Roars, Your Book is the Hook, How to Stand Out in Your Business and The Secrets of Successful Coaches.

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