Karen Williams

Karen Williams is the Book Mentor at Librotas. She and her team work with business experts who have a story to tell or a message to share. They take their clients from idea to publication and marketing, ensuring that they write a book that helps them to attract more clients, build their credibility and grow their business.    Karen is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Simple, The Mouse That Roars, Your Book is the Hook, How to Stand Out in Your Business and The Secrets of Successful Coaches.

Awaken by Mary Nondé @MaryNonde #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Awaken by Mary Nondé #AuthorsSpotlight

I entwine tales from of my clients with those of my own to demonstrate how new direction, clarity and purpose can be found in the most astonishing ways.

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Freedom To Be Me by Azmina Jiwa @FearToHappiness #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Freedom To Be Me by Azmina Jiwa

My Book is FREEDOM to Be Me. It is a combination of my journey and the tools that has helped me to have the freedom to be me just as I am.

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How To Be A Lady Who Leaves Emma Heptonstall @DivorceAlchemy #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

How To Be A Women Who Leaves by Emma Heptonstall Image Credit Olivia Brabbs

There is still an assumption that women don’t leave their husbands, but they do!

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The Winning Mix by Claire Brumby @FoodGuideClaire #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Winning Mix Claire Brumby #AuthorsSpotlight #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

An event in my life which took me to launch my food brand was a near death experience ...

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When Dad Became Joan Life With A Transgender Father @CLMakeTheChange #AuthorsSpotlight #WritingTips #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

When Dad Became Joan @CLmakethechange #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

It could have been very easy to upset my family and show them in the wrong light.

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Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness @LesleyPyneCoach #AuthorsSpotlight #WritingTips #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness @LesleyPyneCoach #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

I always assumed that one day I'd be a mother, it never crossed my mind that I wouldn't.

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‘Your Stories’ Karen Williams Q & A Interview @Librotas #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

'Your Stories' Q&A Interview Karen Williams #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz

Luckily I had a great team who helped me to keep going until after the event and picked me up when I crumbled.

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The Power Of Running Writing Retreats via Karen Williams @SelfDiscovery #BizRocks

Running Writing Retreats #BizRocks #WomeninBiz #WomenEntrepreneurs

For me personally, what I love about running writing retreats is giving people the time and space to get away from it all, where there are few distractions that get in the way of what they actually need and want to do, in this case writing a book.

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