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Have You Looked At The Coloring Book Craze For Adults ? @mybellabenjamin #coloringbook

Have you looked at the coloring book craze for adults?

And wondered why grown adults with responsibilities and commitments are spending hours with such books and colored pencils? Do you wonder what these people know that you don’t? Or have you surmised that the world has simply gone mad?

Certainly, we are living in crazy times but not because of an adults coloring book. In fact, coloring books may be the one thing that is helping people to get their thoughts together, keep their stress in check and challenge their creativity. For someone building a business, the meditative benefits from coloring may actually enhance their work effectiveness. What if your sharpness at work correlated with the sharpness of your coloring pencils?

Adults Coloring Book

Coloring is a form of art therapy that is available to everyone. It is a creative activity that offers an outlet and release from stress. When you are coloring and producing a beautiful picture or design your mind is focused on the project at hand. Expressing your creativity in this way involves choosing colors, exercising logic, using your fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination in making the small movements of coloring. All of these things demand your steady concentration and pushes other thoughts out of the way. In short, coloring can be a meditative activity.

The only rule to gain the full benefits from coloring is that there are no rules. Don’t worry if you can’t seem to color within the lines. You don’t have to start on a particular page. You don’t even have to finish a page. You don’t have to go in any order. You can do part of a design, skip around to another page and then come back to the original design later. Remember, it is supposed to be fun and relaxing! There are so many people in online groups sharing their colored-in images and stressing about whether or not they chose the right colors or if they did the design justice. It’s just not about that. This is not supposed to be another thing in your life that needs to be “perfect.” Instead, enjoy the imperfection of it all in the same way that you see little kids coloring just for the sheer pleasure of it.

From a business point of view, spending a part of your day unwinding with a coloring book may give your subconscious a chance to come up with the answers to the day’s dilemmas. By not overtly focusing on business challenge at hand while simultaneously flexing your creative muscles, you give your mind a chance to come up with possible solutions. You need to get quiet sometimes in order to make a loud impact on the world.

Alternatively, by spending the first few moments of the day in a creative exercise such as coloring, you are warming up the part of your brain that is innovative and inventive. In today’s market place, you had better be innovating every day because the world is moving fast. So slow down and color to give you the ability to strike faster when necessary. What better way to meet the day’s challenges than to incite the visionary brainpower that you already have within you?

You can choose to color anything really, even a child’s coloring book. But the best adults coloring books offer more challenge in order to keep the adult’s mind engaged. Look for designs that are pleasing to you and somewhat repetitive to get the most meditative impact. Circular designs with repeating patterns inspired by Mandalas are very popular for this purpose. Be careful with designs that are overly intricate especially if you are a coloring novice as these can be frustrating and, therefore, counter-productive to what you want to get out of this. The most important thing is to choose a book with designs that you find pleasing.

As for coloring implements, a good general rule is to choose what makes you happy. Some individuals prefer to purchase elegant high-end cases of coloring pencils while others are content to use whatever pens or crayons they may have laying around the house. For most people, the answer lies somewhere in the middle, spending just enough to get a nice dedicated set of pencils or gel-pens that will do the job and make the act of coloring celebratory and special.

Before you invest in a book, if you want to try just one page to see if coloring is going to work for you, you can download a free page from me, Bella Benjamin, right here as my gift.

Get Free Gift To Colour In!

To get started, don’t even bother getting any fancy pens or whatever. Just use whatever markers, highlighters, pens and pencils you have on hand. Once you color one page, I believe you’ll be hooked on the benefits from coloring.

Bella Benjamin Stress Be Gone and Coloring is Good for the SoulBella Benjamin is the pen name for authors and artists Melly Nofal and Lourdes Welhaven. You can find out more about Bella Benjamin at www.bellabenjamin.com

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