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Would you ever say “I don’t have time for success?”

I very much doubt it yet I actually come across many business owner who send this message out all the time. When I talk with people who are unhappy with their level of business success and I make suggestions, I often get told “I don’t have time to do…” My response is always the same.  “If you don’t have time for this then you don’t have time for success”  Simple.

Make time to focus on your business success.  Most people find that when they really look at how they spend their working time, they have non-productive times that they could eliminate to focus on getting those things done, that will really improve your business success.

Big time wasters include over checking emails and social media, returning non important telephone calls, internet browsing often disguised as research..

A client of mine wanted to have more of an online presence.  So I helped him to set up twitter and showed him how it works and how to automate it.  He paid me money to do this and weeks later he’d hardly posted anything on twitter.  When I next spoke with him I asked him what was going on and he said “I don’t have time to post on twitter!”  It’s crazy talk but I see this sort of behaviour so much.  People buy the latest “Get the business of your dreams” book, read it and think “Wow, that’s great!” Then 2 weeks later they’ve bought another book.


To gain any level of success and keep moving up the levels, it’s vital that we create time to apply the skills we learn.

The message we send out to the universe and the message we give to our subconscious mind when we say “I don’t have time” is Don’t give me any more success (clients, opportunities…) I can’t handle it.

A powerful affirmation worth using every day is “I always have time to grow my business and be successful” I’m a big fan of focused, productive work time rather than long, long working hours. Top business success tips Write down what you want to achieve each day Prioritize your tasks.  What will move your business forward the most?

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About Wendy Tomlinson

Wendy Tomlinson is a certified law of attraction practitioner, life skills coach, EFT Master Practitoner and author dedicated to helping people use the law of attraction to create the life (and business) they really want. Wendy keeps things simple and practical. For things to work in the real world they need to be usable so that people can apply what they learn into their every day life to create the life they want. Wendy is the author of Getting Started with the Law of Attraction and 21 Steps to Positive Parenting which are both available on Amazon.


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