Social Media Visibility with Emma Burford and Leona Martin #BizRocks #BizFix for #WomeninBiz

How To Increase Your Visibility Using Social Media #BizRocks #BizFix with @EmmaLBurford & @LeonaAMartin

How To Increase Your Visibility Using Social Media

On this blab replay of the live broadcast with Emma Burford and Leona Martin we talk about Social Media Visibility.

You can contact Leona Martin at or reach her on facebook at APlusAdminSvcs.

About Emma Burford

Emma Burford is a supportive and dedicated business woman who loves to help women entrepreneurs promote their services via online networking and digital marketing on all social media platforms. Founder & Publisher of the digital magazine and the

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  1. Welcome @sidahme61132348

  2. Hi Wendy would you like to join us?

  3. Can’t join you live tonight. Just checking in for 10 mins.

  4. I love Pinterest. It’s my top social media referal back to the blog by at least 3 times as much as anything else.

  5. I ‘ve been on Pinterest for a while and late 2015 I really noticed the stats moving up, so I’m definitely puting more effort in now.

  6. That’s great @Sunshinecoach

  7. And dump a ton of money into them.

  8. You know what are tough ads to make good? Freakin marketing ads 🙂

  9. Imo if PPC is .10cents or below, its resonating and your conversions may be having problems because of something else

  10. Have done boosting in the past.

  11. Boosting seems to work better for me too from what I’ve tried so far.

  12. Sorry I missed a little of what Leona said. I am targeting. Haven’t done much, just played about a little this week.

  13. Thank you, Wendy @Sunshinecoach



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