Wendy Tomlinson

Wendy Tomlinson is a certified law of attraction practitioner, life skills coach, EFT Master Practitoner and author dedicated to helping people use the law of attraction to create the life (and business) they really want. Wendy keeps things simple and practical. For things to work in the real world they need to be usable so that people can apply what they learn into their every day life to create the life they want. Wendy is the author of Getting Started with the Law of Attraction and 21 Steps to Positive Parenting which are both available on Amazon.

Do you have time for Success? @SunshineCoach #WomeninBiz #BizRocks

#BizRocks Sunshine Coach

Would you ever say “I don’t have time for success?” I very much doubt it yet I actually come across many business owner who send this message out all the time. When I talk with people who are unhappy with their level of business success and I make suggestions, I often get told “I don’t have time to do…” My …

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